My first post

Hey guys

Recently I attended MCM comicon Scotland and it was awesome. this was my second year at the event in all the three years that it has been running. for me it was better this year because I knew some of the stars who where going to be there, for example I got Robert Picardo from star trek voyagers autograph and Ian Beatie from game of thrones autograph which was really great. another thing I liked was that having been previously I knew what to expect and got to see the panels that I¬†wanted to the only complaint was that the year previous they had the panels separate which was way better because you could hear them and this year they where in the same hall as everything else so the noise and fighting robots was sometimes interfering with experience. apart from that it was a brilliant time had by all I spent a fortune mind but I did make a couple of new friends along the way. the only regret I have is not cosplaying. I need to have a good think about what I can do for next year I have a year to plan for the next one oh and save. one thing that is great about the comicon apart from the really cool merchandise and the celebs is that no one judges you they embrace you and if you need evidence just look at all the free hugs that get given out at these events. it is such a massive event each year in any geeks calendar and one that I can’t recommend highly enough. i suggest you go yourself next year and see for yourself just how awesome this experience and most of all the people are.